Physical Therapy

Our goal at Denville Medical & Sports Rehabilitation is to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary methods to your health and wellness. We use a modern team approach resulting in a healthy; pain free & enhanced quality of life. Patient education to prevent recurrence and exacerbations of injuries is a key part of our treatment plan.

Rehabilitation with a personalized treatment plan, using a collaborative approach as needed to achieve pain relief and wellness goals. Knowledge, expertise and experience are the cornerstones of our philosophy to ensure your best health. We utilize the latest cybex testing and strengthening equipment to assist in rehabilitation.


Conditions treated:
  1. Back and Neck pain
  2. Post-surgical rehabilitation, including rotator cuff surgery, neck and back disc surgery/ fusions
  3. Balance, Vestibular problems
  4. Sports injuries
  5. Total joint/ partial joint replacement rehabilitation
  6. Work injuries and return to work rehabilitation
  7. Motor vehicle accidents
  8. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  9. Multiple sclerosis
  10. Thoracic outlet syndrome


Below are just a few of the treatment techniques we use in the clinic. Manual Techniques Manual techniques include both soft tissue and joint mobilization. Soft tissue primarily refers to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. These structures often develop restrictions in mobility due to pain, injury, inflammation, degeneration, immobilization due to casting or bracing. Soft tissue mobilization is performed with hands-on techniques to address tight or dysfunctional areas within these structures. Manual therapy techniques also include performing a variety of joint mobilizations to address restrictions in the joint and associated structures such as joint capsule. These techniques help restore normal joint “kinematics” or motion. Neuromuscular Re-education Neuromuscular re-education is re-training muscles in their patterns of action so that they perform more efficiently. These techniques address muscle flexibility and “motor control” or muscle control over a specific joint for performing a movement in a normal pattern. Postural Education Poor posture can contribute to musculoskeletal problems. Over time muscular tightness and joint restrictions develop due to sloppy postures and improper lifting/ handling techniques. Learning appropriate posture and body mechanics may reduce your risk of injury and decrease your current pain. Balance Training Balance problems can affect many people’s lives and for some can be a life-threatening problem. Balance training specific to your problem, encompassing the brain’s control of the muscular system as well as the visual system’s contribution helps develop effective balance strategies. Whether the balance problem is caused by vertigo or age related, we can address it. We utilize specific vestibular rehabilitation techniques for vertigo. A multidimensional approach for all balance problems helps improve your daily life. Strengthening and Stretching Understanding the concepts and importance of strengthening and stretching can help us all to exercise more efficiently and effectively. Poor posture, improper stretching, and poor neuromuscular control during workouts may contribute to exercise injuries that can be easily avoided by using the proper technique. We utilize the latest Cybex Isokinetic Dynamometer for strength evaluations and rehabilitation. This is a computerized testing system to assess muscle strength across different joints in the body. Modalities We use modalities, such as electrical stimulation, ice, heat, and ultrasound as an adjunct to our hands-on treatment. We also use Iontophoresis which is an effective way of delivering medication to an inflamed bursa (bursitis), inflamed tendon (tendinitis), fascia (plantar fasciitis). These modalities are used to help alleviate pain and assist you during your rehabilitation. Sports Injury rehabilitation Risk of injury in athletes is on the rise due to various problems like muscle imbalances, over training, technique errors etc. At Denville Medical and Sports Rehab whether you have an injury that is acute or recurs every season, we will put you back on track to excel in your favorite sport. After an evaluation to determine the areas that need improvement, each athlete has a training program developed and tailored especially for him or her. These include speed, agility and strength training to correct imbalances. Pain management Due to the nature of certain injuries, some of our patients are limited in the pain relief they can get from rehabilitation. In keeping with our philosophy to offer all services for your health and wellness under one roof, the specialty of lnter-ventional Pain Management is offered at Denville medical and sports rehabilitation. Pain management is offered for treatment of painful conditions in or near the spine and other joints in the body. During your in~ial visit the pain management doctor conducts a complete pain history and focused physical exami-nation. All pertinent medical history and diagnostic studies are carefully reviewed. Additional testing or diagnostic injections may be recommended to determine the specific origin of your pain prior to the initiation of therapy. A com-prehensive treatment plan is discussed with you and the treating team. This intervention along with rehabilitation will assist you in returning to a normal pain free life.