Denville Medical Weight Loss System

“You Win When You Lose, Weight” The Denville Medical Weight Loss System is unlike any other weight management program. We believe successful weight management requires an intricate approach. Our multi-disciplinary team works with you to provide holistic and comprehensive weight management guidance. The Denville Medical Weight Loss System utilizes cutting edge technology to monitor your progress in the program.

“At Denville Medical, we are committed to your successful weight loss!”

The Denville Medical Weight Loss System in three easy steps:

Step 1: Initial evaluation and plan for weight loss At your initial consultation, we take the time to get to know YOU. Our team evaluates your current health through blood work, EKG, and our unique Body Composition Analysis. Our medical doctor screens you for any current medical conditions that may require special attention or complicate weight loss management. Our naturopathic doctor carefully reviews your Body Composition Analysis and works with you to develop an individualized nutritional plan. Supplements and pharmaceutical medications may be suggested depending on your needs. During Step 1, weekly consultations are provided by our practitioners to motivate and support you in this amazing lifestyle change! Step 2: Achieve and Maintain Weight Loss Once you start achieving your weight loss with The Denville Medical Weight Loss System, our goal is to help you maintain it! We provide weekly check-ins and weigh-ins to monitor you progress. During this step, our naturopathic doctor re-evaluates your nutritional plan and makes changes based on your progress. Supplements and medications may be adjusted during this phase. At Denville Medical we understand that weight loss management can be frustrating and stressful at times. Therefore we offer emotional support in the form of one on one consultation with members of our team.

Step 3: Your New Life! Congratulations! Congratulations! You have reached your weight goal! You have just accomplished something great. During this last step, we provide you with monthly consultations with our staff. These consultations will include weigh-ins and Body Composition Analysis. We show you how to maintain your weight for your lifetime. At this point you are transitioned out of our weight loss program to our naturopathic doctor for continued lifelong support.