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With so many supplements and brands to choose from, we understand that it can be hard to navigate the marketplace. With so much variation in the quality of supplements, it’s difficult to know what to purchase.

Even professional brands are now accessible through online megastores. Although it’s easy for you to find things, these stores are NOT experts and do not have any regard for how to ensure the QUALITY of the supplements. To them, it’s just another buck. To us, supplements are an essential part of our health.

Your wellness matters

We recommend only products that we have confidence in, based on consistent and effective clinical results.

That’s why we use an online dispensary called Wellevate.

  1. you’ll have access to products the nutrition experts recommend
  2. are clinically tested through independent labs for potency and bioavailability
  3. use facilities’ compliant with FDA & FTC laws
  4. ensure that what is on the label is actually what you get:
    Safe and effective products which consistently produce reliable results.

How to access supplements

You can access top quality supplements by registering for Denville Medical and Sports Rehab’s online store, or dispensary. You can view some of our favorite products here, view current recommendations for you (if you’re a client), and search for supplements, personal care items and more. Sign up today!


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