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Relieving Chronic Knee Pain and Arthritis with PRP and Stem Cell Therapy

April 3, 2024

Chronic knee pain and arthritis can be debilitating, affecting your mobility and overall quality of life. While traditional treatments may offer temporary relief, Denville Medical offers innovative solutions to provide lasting relief and restore your quality of life. In this blog, we’ll explore how Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell Therapy can be used to treat chronic knee pain and arthritis, how these treatments are offered at Denville Medical, and how combining them with advanced physical therapy techniques can help you regain pain-free mobility.


Understanding Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints, causing pain, swelling, and reduced mobility. Osteoarthritis is the most common type that affects the knee joint. It occurs when the protective cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones wears down over time. This can result in pain, inflammation, and difficulty moving the affected joint. Symptoms of knee arthritis can include pain, stiffness, swelling, and decreased range of motion, which can severely limit your daily activities.

Why Gel Injections Sometimes Do Not Work

In the treatment of knee arthritis, gel injections (viscosupplementation) are often used to provide lubrication and cushioning to the joint. While these injections can offer temporary relief, they may not address the underlying cause of the arthritis. Gel injections tend to work best in the early stages of arthritis when there is still some remaining cartilage in the joint. However, they may be less effective in advanced stages when significant joint damage has occurred. This is where regenerative treatments like PRP and Stem Cell Therapy come into play.



PRP and Stem Cell Therapy at Denville Medical

At Denville Medical, we are committed to providing our patients with the most progressive and innovative treatments. Our approach to PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for chronic knee pain and arthritis involves a comprehensive evaluation and a personalized treatment plan. Our experienced medical team conducts a thorough assessment of your knee condition, including a review of your medical history and a physical examination.

Once your condition is evaluated, we develop a tailored treatment plan that may include PRP or Stem Cell Therapy, taking into account your specific needs and the severity of your knee arthritis. The selected therapy, whether PRP or Stem Cell, is administered by our skilled medical professionals in a safe and comfortable environment. We provide guidance on post-treatment care and rehabilitation to maximize the healing process and offer ongoing support to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan to ensure the best results.

Combining PRP and Stem Cell Therapy with Advanced Physical Therapy

At Denville Medical, we believe in a comprehensive approach to healing. In addition to PRP and Stem Cell Therapy, we offer advanced physical therapy techniques that complement and enhance the effectiveness of regenerative treatments. Our physical therapists work in collaboration with our medical team to develop personalized rehabilitation programs tailored to your specific needs and goals. These programs can include a range of motion exercises, strength training, balance and proprioception training, gait analysis, and therapeutic modalities to reduce pain and inflammation.


Chronic knee pain and arthritis can be extremely limiting, affecting your mobility and overall quality of life. PRP and Stem Cell Therapy, offered at Denville Medical, provides effective and long-lasting solutions for regenerating damaged knee tissues and relieving pain. When combined with advanced physical therapy techniques, these treatments can help you regain pain-free mobility and an improved quality of life.

If you’re experiencing chronic knee pain or arthritis and are seeking a solution that goes beyond temporary relief, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced medical and physical therapy team at Denville Medical. We are here to provide you with the personalized care and innovative treatments you need to recover from your knee condition and regain your quality of life.

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