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Diagnostic Testing

  • Diagnostic Testing:
  • Muscle Testing to Test Strength & Function
  • Isometric Functional Capacity Test to Test Strength & Function
  • NCV/EMG to Test Nerve Function
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • X-Rays
  • EKG Test
  • Blood Analysis
  • Urine Analysis
  • Body & Fat Composition Analysis
  • Spirometry –Respiratory Function
  • AccuDEXA Imaging Computer

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Baseline x-ray to rule out bone disease and fracture

Treatment: Dependent upon finding

Range of Motion /Muscle Testing

Rule out or confirm muscle weakness and establish baseline from muscle or nerve injury, Monitor treatment progress, maximize improvement or permanent impairment

Treatment: Exercises, Muscle/Nerve rehab and retraining, Severe sprain may require referral

Biodex Isokinetic Testing

This type of testing pertains to exercise that provides varied resistance at a constant speed, with the assistance of specialized equipment. Its goal is to isolate muscle movement and allow medical professionals to determine where you are weakest and what movements might be contributing any pain or discomfort you feel.

Vestibular Testing (Screen Trak)

Vestibular testing help determine if there is something off with the balance portion of the inner ear. These tests can help isolate dizziness symptoms to a specific cause that can often be treated.

Gait Assessment

Gait assessments analyze the way a person walks or runs to determine if there is a biomechanical abnormality.

Small Fiber Nerve Testing

Quantitative sensory testing analyzes small fiber function by measuring temperature and vibratory sensation and can be used to diagnose small fiber neuropathy.


Tests that are electrodiagnostic tests that measure the electrical activity of muscles and nerves. These tests are commonly performed on patients that have a spine-related problem and complain of unexplained symptoms, numbness and/or tingling sensations, muscle cramping, or weakness in an extremity.


Phlebotomy is the process of drawing blood by making an incision to a vein with a needle. This process is used for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research.

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