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Pain Mangement

February 28, 2022

To feel your best, you want to be pain-free. People with persistent and untreated pain have a harder time doing things they love, connecting with loved ones, and feeling joyful and energetic. This is why we have several pain management services for all of our patients.

We have learned a lot about pain in recent years, but it can still be difficult to uncover, treat, and eliminate pain. Each person is different and people experience and tolerate pain differently. Our goal is to work with you to find the best solution to pain management so you can feel truly healthy and well.

How do we treat pain at Denville Medical Center? There are several methods that may work for different types of pain or injuries, but many people find that a mix of options is what helps them feel their best.


The best tool we have for understanding and treating your pain is during diagnostic testing and assessment. During your initial visit, our pain management doctor conducts a complete pain history and focused physical examination. It’s very important for us to review your medical history, discuss any pertinent information about your current pain problem, and work with you to find a treatment plan that brings you relief.

Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation can be challenging because an injured area may have to be strengthen or regularly stretched in order to heal. It can be tiring, but rehabilitation and physical therapy with a personalized treatment might be what’s needed to achieve pain relief. Knowledge, expertise, and experience along with our collaborative approach ensure your best health. We even use the latest cybex testing and strengthening equipment to assist in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has many benefits, one of which is to aid in pain management therapy. Our trained massage therapists use a healing touch to lower blood pressure, release endorphins, reduce your heart rate, and relieve stress and tension for improved health and wellness.


Chiropractic therapy is one method that we use with patients who need pain management. Chiropractors strategically manipulate and adjust parts of your body to cure misalignments and imbalances that cause pain. Chiropractic is one tool we use to promote healing and wellness.


Acupuncture is another pain management option available at Denville Medical Center. Acupuncture stimulates the body to heal naturally, helping you to improve health, remove pain, and restore harmony and energy.

Pain Management at Denville Medical Center

There’s no one way to treat, reduce, or eliminate pain for every patient. Each body is unique, and pain management methods will have different results. That’s why it’s so important to work with experienced medical professionals at Denville Medical Center so we can help you on your journey to being pain-free.

The doctors and therapists at Denville Medical provide an interdisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of pain. We are here to help you! Our professionals are dedicated to providing quality health care will be available at a reasonable price. To learn more about our free consultations, visit our Health Pass page. With Health Pass, you can receive substantially lower the cost of your health care without lowering the quality. Visit today!

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