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5 Ways to Avoid Injury

February 28, 2022

There’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll avoid injury as an athlete while working out—that’d be next to impossible. But you can make strides to make your workouts and training as risk-free as possible. At Denville Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center, we want to help put you back on track to excel in your favorite sport. So whether you’re having trouble with muscle imbalances, over training, technique errors … you name it, we can help fix it.

After an evaluation to determine improvement opportunities, we create a training program specifically designed for you. These include speed, agility and strength training to correct imbalances.

Not only do we help you course correct, but we also set up you for success, giving you tips to avoid those injuries from the start. Here are five ways to avoid injury while training and working out.

  1. Appropriate Footwear/Attire
    When’s the last time you bought a new pair of shoes? If it’s been quite a while—and you can definitely see the wear and tear on your sneakers—it might be time to invest in a new pair. By wearing proper footwear and attire during our workouts, our bodies are set up for success from the get-go. Improper footwear is one of the most common causes of feet, ankle and knee problems. Find shoes that fit your arch, gait and body weight.
  2. Warm Up and Cool Down
    When you’re in a hurry or excited to get going, it can seem appealing to get your training going without a good warm up. But without these crucial parts of the process, the body is not conditioned for the intensive movements that will follow after. Making sure to include this in your training helps greatly reduce injury.
  3. Proper Technique
    As an athlete, you’ve probably noticed how often your training involves repetitive motions. Poor technique can make you much more likely to overuse sore spots and continue toward minor and major injuries. Proper technique will help minimize these injuries.
  4. Strength Training and Cardio
    When your muscles are balanced with a strong core, you can build stamina and endurance. That means your body will not wear down easily or overcompensate for weakness, leading to improved resistance to injuries.
  5. Cross Train
    Just like football players who take ballet classes, all athletes can benefit from a little bit of cross-training. Not only do you mentally get to change up your routine, but physically, you’ll give your body the benefit of diversifying movements and give a jolt to your metabolism. It can be easy to hit a plateau while working out the same way, day in and day out. Cross-training gives you just the kickstart you need.

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