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How PRP Can Help You

February 28, 2022

NJ Stem Cell Therapy & Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Futuristic Treatments Available Today

What if doctors could harness the body’s healing powers to reverse the effects of age and injury? What if invasive orthopedic surgeries and costly hospital stays could be replaced with simple procedures in your doctor’s office? These possibilities may sound like sci-fi fantasies, but physicians like Denville Medical’s Dr. David Barrett are already using regenerative therapies to treat sports injuries, age-related degeneration and inflammation. Today, breakthrough stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies developed over the last 30 years promise results that could change the face of medical treatment, and the application of these treatments is only in its infancy.

Regenerative Medicine & Orthobiologics

An emerging specialty called regenerative medicine uses lab-cultivated stem cells to repair injuries and renew tissue damaged by age and disease. Natural stem cells in the body divide, multiply and differentiate into specialized cells with specific functions. Researchers are exploring the potential of harvested stem cells to replace diseased tissue and organs. Already, physicians are introducing stem cells to treat cancer, repair joint cartilage and improve outcomes in patients with spinal cord damage.

Research is also focusing on orthobiologics like platelet-rich plasma therapy. PRP begins with extracting a patient’s blood, which is then placed in a centrifuge to concentrate platelet cells. Platelets aid in clotting and are rich in proteins and growth factors that promote healing. The resulting PRP, which contains five to 10 times as many platelets, is then injected into injured or inflamed soft tissue. This type of therapy is successfully used to speed healing from sports injuries, treat inflammatory hair loss, promote tissue repair after plastic surgery and enhance tissue repair in tendons, ligaments and joints.

Treatments on the Horizon

Future applications of stem cell and PRP therapies promise to revolutionize medical treatment. Researchers are hard at work developing regenerative and orthobiologic techniques for:

  • Improving drug efficacy with better testing
  • Engineering new organs instead of using transplants
  • Renewing vital heart & brain cells
  • Repairing age-related degeneration in joints
  • Developing cures for diabetes, cystic fibrosis, MS & other chronic diseases

Treating You With Advanced Therapies

The doctors and therapists of Denville Medical & Sports Rehabilitation Center offer innovative treatment for sports injuries, migraines and musculoskeletal conditions. Leading the region in advanced orthobiologics and therapies of the future, our sports medicine and rehab specialists provide NJ patients with pain management, restored function and quality of life.

Denville Medical’s state-of-the-art facility houses advanced equipment and a team of medical professionals dedicated to your well-being.
Call (973) 627-7888 to learn more about New Jersey platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies or to request a free consultation. For your convenience, you can also contact us online using our confidential form and a Denville Medical staff member will be in touch promptly to answer your questions!

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