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Anthony Rella graduated from Stockton University with a B.S in Biology. He continued his education at Columbia University School of Nursing, where he earned his license as a Nurse Practitioner. Anthonthy faced and overcame challenging scenarios during his rotation at Milstein Medical Intensive Care Unit as well as Westchester Medical Center and the Trauma Center of Orange Regional Medical Center.

Till this day Anthony Rella continues to serve in the Trauma General Surgical Department at Orange Regional Medical Center and as a full-time provider with Denville Medical and Sports Rehabilitation Center. As a holistic health practitioner, Anthony strongly believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. He states, “our body’s are a lot stronger than we give it credit for”. As a primary care provider, Anthony believes in combating diseases and conditions without the use of strong medication or surgery. In addition, to further enhance his knowledge and be up to date with updates to the standard of care, Anthony continues to enhance his expertise in revitalizing and corrective medicine to better serve his patients.

With Anthony’s passion for holistic care and the body’s ability to help heal itself, he has a strong focus on using regenerative medicine and peptide therapy to help revert the signs of aging. An expert in anti-aging medicine, Anthony takes the time to treat patients who may be suffering from hormone deficiencies and its symptoms with hormone replacement therapy.

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