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Dr. Spriet has a B.S in Biology from Bloomfield College and is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College in Old Brookville, NY. He has served as an on site chiropractor for several Health and Fitness Clubs and was previously the staff chiropractor for the Mendham Health & Racquet Club where he was also the trainer for the tennis pros at the First Union Tennis Classic.

Dr. Spriet’s specialty is in correcting chronic recurring neck, back, or extremity pain or injuries. This is especially important for those who feel they have “tried everything.” Dr. Spriet has spent many years studying the fields of static (postural) and dynamic (locomotor) problems that affect the human skeletal structure. Quite often, he can find the weak link that has been overlooked. He does this by analyzing the human frame as a whole. Commonly, nutritional deficits or dietary problems, which are impeding the healing process, are addressed. Treatment then involves advanced specific exercises to retrain the entire system to function properly. The patient can then maintain this state with simple home exercises for strength and stability, and these are very portable into a health club.

Dr. Spriet has worked with amateur and professional athletes, as well as anyone wishing lasting correction, to achieve their health care goals. Patients must not be looked at as just a bad back or neck, in isolation from the rest of the body. They are dynamic organisms, with an often complex variety of factors that have led to a breakdown somewhere in the system. To properly analyze these factors and employ a targeted approach at fixing the person, not just the symptom, is the focus of Dr. Spriet’s approach.

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