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Latest News in Boonton Township, NJ

Boonton reopens Pepe Field after two-year, $525K makeover at former Superfund site

BOONTON — The troubled and toxic history of Pepe Field and Playground may finally be over after the neighborhood park, once shuttered for decades as a toxic federal Superfund site, was rededicated this week after a second extended renovation."It had been closed for the pandemic," said Town Council member ...

BOONTON — The troubled and toxic history of Pepe Field and Playground may finally be over after the neighborhood park, once shuttered for decades as a toxic federal Superfund site, was rededicated this week after a second extended renovation.

"It had been closed for the pandemic," said Town Council member Marie Devenezia. "It was reopened but then closed in 2020 because the existing equipment had become very dilapidated. There was a lot of broken equipment and things that were deemed to be unsafe to play on. They were removed."

The site was reopened during an evening ceremony on Wednesday attended by local officials and more than 100 residents who live near the 3.5-acre park at the end of Wootton Street in Upper Boonton.

Council member Edina Renfro-Michel, the liaison to the town parks and recreation committee, said it took a few years to appropriate funds from the budget without raising taxes to cover the $525,000 makeover, which included a cushioned surface and new playground equipment such as slides, seated spinners and a rope bridge.

The basketball court was completely replaced, as the crumbling old surface could no longer be repaired.

Delays in equipment deliveries extended the closure to nearly two years, though with the planning and budgeting required, "I've been working on this for four years," Renfro-Michel said.

The dedication opened with a performance by Boonton's Harmony Senior Drum Corps. Seeing a crowd of anxious kids gathering at the gate, Mayor Richard Corcoran then sped through his speech and a ribbon-cutting.

"It's been a four-year journey for some of us," he said. "Please use it, enjoy it and be respectful."

With that invitation, the gates opened and the playground filled with dozens of children who ran for their favorite attractions. Parents hovered around taking photos and videos.

For subscribers:NJ luxury car theft is on a record-setting pace: See where your town ranks

Development:Plan for Parsippany's first Chick-fil-A advances. Why that has some residents up in arms

Tri-Town Little League provided refreshments for the event. The baseball diamond at the park has remained in use the past two years, but Renfro-Michel said the town hopes to renovate the ballfield area in the future.

Pepe's chemical history

Pepe Field, named after the Boonton family that donated the land, was closed to residents and Little League teams in the late 1970s when the foul smell coming from the site was found to be from high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas and methane.

The emissions were later traced to degrading vegetable oils, margarine residues, soaps, coal ash and trash dumped there decades earlier by Drew Chemical Corp., a major local employer at the time.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency designated the property a Superfund site in 1983. A $15 million remediation was completed, and the park reopened in 2000 after extensive delays that included financing issues after the EPA determined that Drew could not be held liable for cleanup costs.

The shuttered Drew plant sat abandoned for about two decades before the property was sold and remediated in 2000. A Walmart store opened on the site in 2004.

New Jersey has the most Superfund sites of any state, 114 as of Feb. 1. Sites placed on the EPA list are contaminated with hazardous substances that threaten public health or the environment.

Morris County has 10 of those sites, more than the total in 12 states.

William Westhoven is a local reporter for DailyRecord.com. For unlimited access to the most important news from your local community, please subscribe or activate your digital account today.

Email: [email protected]dailyrecord.com

Grant Agreements Cleared for 5 Historic Preservation Projects

Morris County Action Allows Work to BeginThe Morris County Board of County Commissioners approved agreements that will allow restoration and preservation work to begin on five historic properties just four weeks after the board approved the projects - and 25 others – to receive $2.65 million in grants from the county’s Preservation Trust Fund.The grant agreements are a necessary first step toward pr...

Morris County Action Allows Work to Begin

The Morris County Board of County Commissioners approved agreements that will allow restoration and preservation work to begin on five historic properties just four weeks after the board approved the projects - and 25 others – to receive $2.65 million in grants from the county’s Preservation Trust Fund.

The grant agreements are a necessary first step toward preservation work actually commencing under the grants approved by the board on July 13. The largest funding agreement of the five cleared Wednesday night involves a $172,600 grant for a gatehouse at the Loyola Retreat House in Morristown.

The grounds were once the estate of a wealthy entrepreneur, Robert D. Foote, whose Gilded Age mansion was built in 1906 and called the Spring Brook House before his death. The property was donated in 1927 to a religious order and has since been known as the Loyola Retreat House. The unique gate house was constructed in 1855 and is a wood framed building that includes a dramatic concave and flared mansard roof. The current project involves restoration of the exterior, including masonry repair and repointing work at the foundation and repairs to the wood siding and trim.

The other grant agreements approved this week include two projects that applied for county grants for the first time: The Boonton Civil War Memorial and the Dr. John Taylor House in Boonton.

The Boonton Civil War Memorial was approved last month for a $4,950 non-construction grant that will allow for a conditions assessment, including recommendations and cost estimates for restoration. The monument was erected in 1876 to honor the local citizens who volunteered to fight for the Union in the Civil War.

Known as the Soldier’s Monument, the granite obelisk with four brass cannons on the monument base is certified eligible as contributing to

the Boonton Main Street Historical District.

The Dr. John Taylor House also was approved last month for a non-construction grant of $24,000 to assist with the completion of a preservation plan. The c. 1897-98 Taylor House was built as a private residence and medical office and is currently used as the Town Museum and headquarters of the Boonton Historical Society.

Grant agreements also were cleared Wednesday for The Growing Stage in Netcong, which is which is home to the Children’s Theater of New Jersey, and Acorn Hall in Morristown.

The Growing Stage was originally built in 1919 as the Palace Theatre, an early venue for screening motion pictures. The current

$8,000 grant will provide for completion of construction documents for structural upgrades to the stage, the replacement of the stage flooring and replacing exterior lighting.

Acorn Hall, home to the Morris County Historical Society, was constructed as an Italianate residence in 1853 and expanded in 1860. The current $36,000 grant will assist with foundation stabilization including preparation of construction documents, installation of brick and repointing.

As of last month, Morris County has awarded 512 grants amounting to $45,945,925 to assist in the preservation, protection and restoration of 122 historic properties since 2003, when grants were first issued for protecting historic sites through Morris County’s Preservation Trust Fund. The sites are located in 34 towns around Morris County.

The Commissioners approved 30 grants last month will go toward 29 specific historic sites.

See the Full List of Projects Considered This Year for Preservation Funds

Learn More About All Historic Preservation Projects in Morris County


Top 3: The Loyola Gatehouse. The grant agreement involves only exterior preservation work. However, the photographs demonstrate the deceiving nature of the historic building, which is much more expansive inside than the exterior construction lets on.

Center Left: The Boonton Civil War Memorial

Center Right: The Dr. John Taylor House in Boonton.

Lower Left: The Growing Stage in Netcong.

Lower Right: Acorn Hall in Morristown.

What’s Wrong With The School Bus Schedule In Mays Landing, NJ?

Well, the first week of school is almost through. Can you believe the new school year has already begun? It seems like summer came and went so quickly this year, doesn't it?While everyone in South Jersey was eager to share their child's pictures from the first day (or week) of school, many weren't prepared for the issues they would have to voice about the transportation to and from so soon within a few districts. It's pretty evident that parents within the Hamilton Township School District in Atlantic County are experiencing some issu...

Well, the first week of school is almost through. Can you believe the new school year has already begun? It seems like summer came and went so quickly this year, doesn't it?

While everyone in South Jersey was eager to share their child's pictures from the first day (or week) of school, many weren't prepared for the issues they would have to voice about the transportation to and from so soon within a few districts. It's pretty evident that parents within the Hamilton Township School District in Atlantic County are experiencing some issues with the bussing system.

Multiple parents have taken to social media to voice their frustrations about how late their elementary school students have been getting dropped back off at home this week. One parent even stated that her kindergartner didn't arrive back home until almost seven o'clock in the evening one day this week. If so many issues are already happening within this first week of school, how is the rest of the year going to compare?

Many parents within the Mays Landing area have stated that they've never had a problem with the school buses in town. The parents that are experiencing issues, however, aren't alone.

While it's not uncommon for some kinks in the transportation system to arise within the first week of school, it's not fair to blame the parents for their fear and uncertainty regarding what to expect for the remainder of the year. It is important to remember, however, that there is currently a bus driver shortage within the Garden State. Many drivers are having to do double runs, and with the rough weather and rain South Jersey has experienced this week, that, no doubt, played a part in the children arriving home that late from school.

Better to arrive home late and safe, wouldn't you say? Still, the question remains - do you think the issues with school bus transportation this week in Mays Landing are just due to it being the first week back to school or is there a bigger issue that needs to be addressed?

NJ school holidays with the biggest buzz

Just which days NJ schools have off remains a reflection of its community. Some New Jersey towns now have populations that celebrate religious holidays not previously taken as a district-wide day, such as Diwali or Eid. Other days off are not religious in nature, but are still stirring up controversy or buzz around the state. The following have been making the most news, heading into the 2022-2023 school year.

Gallery Credit: Erin Vogt


As of 2022, at least two dozen New Jersey school districts have either a day off or a shortened schedule to observe Diwali.

It is a festival of lights and one of the major festivals celebrated by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. Diwali occurs annually in autumn, between October and November.

Lunar New Year is one of the most important celebrations of the year among East and Southeast Asian cultures.

It typically falls sometime each year between Jan. 21 and Feb. 20, marking the first moon in the lunar calendar.

There are more than 1 million Asian American residents in NJ as of 2022, according to NJ Monthly. A growing number of districts have added the celebration to their calendar, when it falls on a weekday — including Marlboro, Montclair, Paramus and Ridgewood,

Rosh Hashana is essentially Jewish New Year, celebrated in the fall, either in September or October. Traditionally, school districts that observe the holiday do so for two consecutive days.

Randolph has been the center of an uproar, after the township Board of Education approved just one day off on the school calendar for Rosh Hashana in the upcoming fall season.

Students and staff who observe will still be able to, under the state's long list of excused absences.


In Arabic, Eid literally means a “festival” or “feast.” There are two such major festivities in the Islamic calendar – Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Eid al-Fitr comes at the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan (moveable, celebrated anywhere from May into summer, depending on the calendar). Montclair schools added it as a district-wide holiday in 2021.

Eid al-Adha is in the fall - the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice comes at the end of the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca (typically around October).

Clifton has added Muslim holidays to the school district calendar for several years, while Paramus schools have also added Eid among its more recent holidays for all students and staff.


June 19 commemorates the last enslaved African Americans being freed in the U.S. — in 1865, federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas (two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation).

It became a state holiday in 2020 and a federal holiday in 2021 (the first approved since Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1983).

Paramus schools have added Juneteenth among its more recent district-wife holidays, as have Montclair, Hillsborough and Elizabeth.

Columbus Day vs. Indigenous Peoples Day

There has been a lot of turmoil across the state when it comes to a national trend of reevaluating Columbus Day.

Indigenous Peoples Day, which recognizes Native Americans as the first inhabitants of the land that later became the United States of America, has been adopted by several communities on the same October date.

Despite polarizing views of the explorer Christopher Columbus, Italian-American groups in NJ have passionately defended the day as a chance to honor their heritage.

In response, at least two school districts backtracked and reinstated Columbus Day in 2021. A few NJ communities have also taken to celebrating both.

New Jersey high school graduation rates

The lists below show 4-year graduation rates for New Jersey public schools for the 2020-21 school year. The statewide graduation rate fell slightly, from 91% in 2019-20 to 90.6%.

The lists, which are sorted by county and include a separate list for charter schools, also include a second graduation rate, which excludes students whose special education IEPs allow them to qualify for diplomas despite not meeting typical coursework and attendance requirements.

Columns with an asterisk or 'N' indicate there was no data or it was suppressed to protect student privacy.

Gallery Credit: Michael Symons

Atlantic County Vocational / Atlantic County Institute of Technology 99.2 | 100.0 | 98.2 || 98.2

Mainland Regional / Mainland Regional High School 94.2 | 93.8 | 92.7 || 91.2

Hammonton / Hammonton High School 90.7 | 91.8 | 88.5 || 88.2

Greater Egg Harbor Regional / Absegami High School 92.6 | 89.6 | 87.9 || 86.9

Greater Egg Harbor Regional / Oakcrest High School 90.5 | 90.0 | 87.3 || 86.9

Greater Egg Harbor Regional / Cedar Creek High School 94.8 | 93.8 | 86.1 || 86.1

Atlantic City / Atlantic City High School 80.7 | 79.4 | 81.0 || 81.0

Bergen County Vocational Technical / Applied Technology High School 96.3 | 96.4 | 100.0 || 100.0

Northern Valley Regional / Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest 98.1 | 98.5 | 98.7 || 98.7

Lenape Regional / Shawnee High School 98.2 | 99.2 | 98.8 || 97.5

Camden / Creative Arts High School 100.0 | 90.9 | 100.0 || 100.0

Ocean City / Ocean City High School 96.8 | 96.5 | 97.6 || 97.0

Cumberland County Vocational Education / Cumberland County Technical Education Center * | 99.1 | 98.2 || 97.3

Orange / STEM Innovation Academy of the Oranges * | * | 100.0 || 100.0

Gloucester County Vocational-Technical / Gloucester County Institute of Technology 99.0 | 99.4 | 96.1 || 96.1

Hudson County Schools of Technology / County Prep High School 99.5 | 98.7 | 100.0 || 98.4

Area Vocational Technical of Mercer County / Mercer County Technical School Culinary Arts Academy * | 100.0 | 100.0 || 85.7

Middlesex County Vocational and Technical / Middlesex County Voc Acad Allied Health & Biomedical Science 100.0 | 98.4 | 100.0 || 100.0

Morris County Vocational / Academy for Biotechnology * | * | 100.0 || 100.0

Paterson / Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts 98.5 | 92.9 | 100.0 || 82.8

Salem County Vocational Technical / Salem County Career and Technical High School 96.3 | 99.4 | 100.0 || 100.0

Union County Vocational-Technical / Academy For Allied Health Sciences 100.0 | 100.0 | 100.0 || 100.0

Charter high schools

Bergen Arts and Science Charter School / Bergen Arts and Sciences Charter School 95.9 | 100.0 | 100.0 || 100.0

Relax And Reconnect With Nature At This Amazing Farm Stay in Mays Landing, NJ

JustBe Farm is the passion project of both Kate and Ray, two South Jersey locals who wanted a place where they could reconnect busy children, teens, and adults with nature.

HS football preview, 2022: Divisional alignment for all 5 conferences

We’re only a few weeks away from the start of the 2022 high school football season in New Jersey.Teams have already hit the practice fields in preparations for games, which start at the end of August with Week 0. The 2021 season was filled with plenty of drama across the state, and we expect even more before this year is over.Here is a look at how each of the state’s five football-playing conferences will be aligned this year.Big Central ConferenceFreedom Gold: Brearley; Dayton; Highland Park;...

We’re only a few weeks away from the start of the 2022 high school football season in New Jersey.

Teams have already hit the practice fields in preparations for games, which start at the end of August with Week 0. The 2021 season was filled with plenty of drama across the state, and we expect even more before this year is over.

Here is a look at how each of the state’s five football-playing conferences will be aligned this year.

Big Central Conference

Freedom Gold: Brearley; Dayton; Highland Park; Roselle Park; Spotswood

Freedom Silver: Belvidere; Dunellen; Manville; Middlesex; South Hunterdon

Patriot Gold: Bernards; Bound Brook; Delaware Valley; South River; Voorhees

Patriot Silver: Hillside; Johnson; Metuchen; New Providence; Roselle

United Gold: Cranford; Rahway; Scotch Plains-Fanwood; St. Thomas Aquinas; Summit

United Silver: Carteret; Gov. Livingston; J.P. Stevens; North Plainfield; South Plainfield

Liberty Gold: Colonia; Iselin Kennedy; Linden; Perth Amboy; Plainfield; Woodbridge

Liberty Silver: Montgomery; North Hunterdon; Watchung Hills

American Gold: Elizabeth; Somerville; St. Joseph (Met.); Union; Westfield

American Silver: Bridgewater-Raritan; Hillsborough; Hunterdon Central; Phillipsburg; Ridge

National Gold: East Brunswick; Monroe; Old Bridge; Piscataway; South Brunswick

National Silver: Edison; New Brunswick; North Brunswick; Sayreville

North Jersey Interscholastic Conference

Colonial: Becton; Garfield; Glen Rock; Lodi; Rutherford

Liberty: Lyndhurst; Manchester Regional; New Milford; Secaucus; Waldwick

Meadowlands: Hasbrouck Heights; Hawthorne; North Arlington; Pompton Lakes; Saddle Brook

Patriot: Butler; Cresskill; Park Ridge; St. Mary (Ruth.); Wood-Ridge

Union: Bogota; Elmwood Park; Emerson Boro; Harrison; Palisades Park; Wallington; Weehawken

Shore Conference

American: Donovan Catholic; Manalapan; Middletown South; Red Bank Catholic; Rumson-Fair Haven; Wall

Colonial: Central Regional; Lacey; Long Branch; Middletown North; Southern; Toms River North

Constitution: Colts Neck; Freehold Borough; Freehold Township; Jackson Memorial; Marlboro

Freedom: Brick Memorial; Brick Township; Neptune; Ocean Township; Red Bank Regional; Toms River South

Independence: Holmdel; Manasquan; Monmouth; Point Pleasant Boro; Raritan; St. John Vianney

Liberty: Barnegat; Jackson Liberty; Manchester Township; Matawan; Pinelands; Toms River East

Patriot: Asbury Park; Keansburg; Keyport; Lakewood; Point Pleasant Beach; Shore

Super Football Conference

American Blue: Hackettstown; Kittatinny; Lenape Valley; Newton; Sussex Tech; Wallkill Valley

American Gold: Caldwell; Hanover Park; Madison; Morris Catholic; Mountain Lakes; Verona

American Red: Dumont; Mahwah; Ramsey; Ridgefield Park; Tenafly; Westwood

American White: High Point; Jefferson; Lakeland; Sparta; Vernon; West Milford

Freedom Blue: Clifton; Passaic; Passaic Tech; Paterson Eastside; Paterson Kennedy

Freedom Red: Barringer; Bloomfield; Dickinson; East Orange; West Orange

Freedom White: Columbia; Irvington; Livingston; Montclair; Union City

Ivy Red: Bergen Tech; Dover; Fair Lawn; Hopatcong; Indian Hills; Pascack Hills; Teaneck

Ivy White: Cliffside Park; Dwight-Morrow; Ferris; Fort Lee; Kearny; Memorial; Newark East Side

Liberty Blue: Chatham; Mendham; Montville; Morris Hills; Parsippany Hills; Warren Hills

Liberty Red: Hackensack; Northern Highlands; Ramapo; Ridgewood; Wayne Hills

Liberty White: Morris Knolls; Morristown; Mount Olive; Randolph; Roxbury; West Morris

National Blue: Boonton; Kinnelon; North Warren; Parsippany; Pequannock; Whippany Park

National Red: Cedar Grove; Glen Ridge; Montclair Immaculate; Newark Collegiate; Shabazz

National White: Hoboken; Immaculata; Newark Central; Snyder; Weequahic

Patriot Blue: Bergenfield; Demarest; Old Tappan; Paramus; Pascack Valley; River Dell

Patriot Red: Bayonne; Lincoln; North Bergen; Orange; West Side

Patriot White: Belleville; Millburn; Nutley; Passaic Valley; Wayne Valley; West Essex

United Red: Bergen Catholic; Don Bosco Prep; Seton Hall Prep; St. Joseph (Mont.); St. Peter’s Prep

United White: Delbarton; DePaul; Hudson Catholic; Paramus Catholic; Pope John

West Jersey Football League

American: Cherokee; Lenape; Millville; Shawnee; St. Augustine; Williamstown

Capital: Ewing; Hamilton West; Hopewell Valley; Notre Dame; Nottingham; Trenton

Classic: Cherry Hill East; Florence; Haddon Township; Holy Cross Prep; Palmyra; Princeton

Colonial: Audubon; Collingswood; Deptford; Gloucester; Overbrook

Constitution: Camden; Camden Catholic; Haddon Heights; Haddonfield; Sterling; West Deptford

Continental: Clearview; Holy Spirit; Kingsway; Vineland; Washington Township

Diamond: Paulsboro; Penns Grove; Salem; Woodbury; Woodstown

Freedom: Bordentown; Burlington City; Cinnaminson; Maple Shade; New Egypt; Pemberton

Horizon: Bishop Eustace; Gloucester Catholic; Lindenwold; Riverside; Schalick; Wildwood

Independence: Cedar Creek; Delsea; Ocean City; St. Joseph (Hamm.); Winslow

Liberty: Burlington Township; Camden Eastside; Delran; Pennsauken; Willingboro

Memorial: Eastern; Hammonton; Highland; Rancocas Valley; Timber Creek

National: Cherry Hill West; Moorestown; Northern Burlington; Paul VI; Seneca; Triton

Patriot: Buena; Clayton; Glassboro; Middle Township; Pleasantville

Royal: Cumberland; Gateway; Lower Cape May; Pennsville; Pitman

United: Absegami; Atlantic City; Bridgeton; Egg Harbor; Mainland; Oakcrest

Valley: Allentown; Hightstown; Lawrence; Robbinsville; Steinert; West Windsor-Plainsboro South

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Friday Football Frenzy: Pennsylvania, New Jersey high school scores for September 9, 2022

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) -- High school football season means Friday Football Frenzy is back. It's the best time of the year for a reason. Big plays from the Jersey Shore to Delaware County to Montgomery County. Watch the video above for the frenzy.SEARCH FOR THE SCORE OF YOUR TEAM'S GAMES BELOWPENNSYLVANIA SCORESAbington 49, Harry S. Truman 7Academy of the New Church 40, Morrisville 14Aliquippa 26, Pittsburgh North Catholic 0Altoona 38, Mifflin County 0Annvill...

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) -- High school football season means Friday Football Frenzy is back. It's the best time of the year for a reason. Big plays from the Jersey Shore to Delaware County to Montgomery County. Watch the video above for the frenzy.



Abington 49, Harry S. Truman 7

Academy of the New Church 40, Morrisville 14

Aliquippa 26, Pittsburgh North Catholic 0

Altoona 38, Mifflin County 0

Annville-Cleona 42, Littlestown 14

Archbishop Spalding, Md. 20, Imhotep Charter 13

Armstrong 49, New Castle 13

Avonworth 21, Sto-Rox 18

Bald Eagle Area 48, Bellefonte 0

Beaver Area 28, Freedom Area 18

Beaver Falls 44, Knoch 6

Bedford 51, Westmont Hilltop 7

Bellwood-Antis 40, Curwensville 14

Berlin-Brothersvalley 49, Meyersdale 0

Bethlehem Liberty 14, Stroudsburg 12

Big Spring 47, Newport 0

Biglerville 21, James Buchanan 14

Bishop Canevin 20, Keystone Oaks 7

Bishop Guilfoyle 55, Somerset 7

Blackhawk 15, Mars 14

Bloomsburg 18, Hughesville 14

Brockway 70, Coudersport 16

Burrell 30, Valley 27

Butler 35, Brashear 22

California 60, Waynesburg Central 7

Cambria Heights 35, River Valley 14

Cambridge Springs 34, Maplewood 7

Camp Hill 26, Upper Dauphin 12

Canon-McMillan 33, Seneca Valley 21

Canton 35, Wellsboro 0

Carbondale 14, Hanover Area 12

Cedar Cliff 44, Lancaster McCaskey 0

Central Bucks East 30, Souderton 13

Central Bucks South 56, Council Rock North 7

Central Bucks West 56, Quakertown 14

Central Cambria 47, Greater Johnstown 6

Central Dauphin East 34, Northeastern 7

Central Valley 48, Hampton 9

Central York 30, Hempfield 20

Chambersburg 17, Waynesboro 0

Chartiers-Houston 27, Carmichaels 12

Chester 47, Phoenixville 10

Chestnut Ridge 42, Forest Hills 19

Clearfield 41, Dubois 7

Coatesville 34, Central Dauphin 28

Cochranton 22, Saegertown 20, OT

Conemaugh Township 28, Claysburg-Kimmel 0

Conestoga Valley 41, Garden Spot 35

Conneaut, Ohio 44, Corry 12

Crestwood 49, Wyoming Area 7

Cumberland Valley 28, Spring-Ford 16

Dallas 41, Williamsport 20

Dallastown Area 44, Hershey 30

Daniel Boone 39, Muhlenberg 15

Danville 69, Central Columbia 0

Deer Lakes 43, Apollo-Ridge 7

Dobbins/Randolph 42, Vaux Big Picture 6

Donegal 30, Palmyra 13

Dover, Ohio 19, Taylor Allderdice 6

Downingtown East 28, Delaware Valley 20

Downingtown West 30, Neshaminy 7

Dunmore 56, Susquehanna 7

ELCO 21, Columbia 12

East Pennsboro 17, Milton Hershey 8

Eisenhower 35, Union City 0

Elizabeth Forward 42, East Allegheny 7

Elizabethtown 41, Lower Dauphin 28

Elk County Catholic 30, Bucktail 16

Ellwood City 46, Carlynton 6

Elwood City Riverside 27, Shenango 6

Emmaus 27, Whitehall 19

Ephrata 42, Lebanon 20

Episcopal Academy 42, Cardinal O'Hara 7

Erie Cathedral Prep 58, West Toronto Prep, Ontario 6

Exeter 35, West York 0

Farrell 46, Grove City 15

Fels 30, Edison 6

Fleetwood 35, Upper Perkiomen 3

Fort Cherry 48, Bethlehem Center 22

Fort Leboeuf 42, Titusville 20

Franklin Regional 40, Connellsville 0

Freeport 61, Quaker Valley 7

Garnet Valley 49, Radnor 0

Gateway 20, North Hills 17

General McLane 46, Franklin 0

Gettysburg 35, Boiling Springs 20

Governor Mifflin 17, Boyertown 14

Greencastle Antrim 35, Delone 0

Greensburg Central Catholic 57, West Greene 21

Greensburg Salem 35, Ligonier Valley 22

Hamburg 54, Fairfield 34

Hanover 13, Pequea Valley 6

Hanover Area 13, Pequea Valley 6

Harbor Creek 40, Conneaut Area 0

Harrisburg Bishop McDevitt 56, La Salle 7

Haverford 28, Springfield 13

Hazleton Area 54, North Pocono 7

Hempfield Area 49, Greater Latrobe 14

Highlands 28, Chartiers Valley 20

Holy Redeemer 53, Tunkhannock 43

Imani Christian Academy 22, South Allegheny 7

Indiana 23, Shady Side Academy 22

Interboro 37, Upper Moreland 7

Jefferson-Morgan 27, Jeannette 26, OT

Jersey Shore 63, Selinsgrove 0

Jim Thorpe 48, Salisbury 12

Karns City 28, Ridgway 0

Kennett 37, West Chester Henderson 0

Kensington 42, Palumbo 0

Kutztown 26, Pottsville Nativity 14

Lackawanna Trail 14, Nanticoke Area 6

Lakeland 34, Riverside 0

Lakeview 51, Kennedy Catholic 14

Lampeter-Strasburg 54, Kennard-Dale 7

Lancaster Catholic 41, Octorara 7

Laurel 49, Mohawk 7

Laurel Highlands 37, Kiski Area 7

Lower Moreland 20, Jenkintown 14

Loyalsock 27, Southern Columbia 10

Mahanoy Area 35, Panther Valley 13

Malvern Prep 21, Archbishop Wood 3

Manheim Central 35, Cocalico 19

Mapletown 49, Avella 0

Marian Catholic 12, Catasauqua 7

McKeesport 14, Belle Vernon 6

Meadville 48, Fairview 0

Methacton 18, Wissahickon 8

Mifflinburg 35, Shamokin 21

Milton 42, Midd-West 0

Minersville 39, Shenandoah Valley 0

Monessen 42, Frazier 6

Moniteau 20, Cameron County 12

Montgomery 36, Cowanesque Valley 20

Montoursville 24, Lewisburg 21

Moshannon Valley 29, Glendale 14

Mount Carmel 55, Warrior Run 7

Mount Lebanon 40, Moon 9

Mount Pleasant 50, McGuffey 28

Mount Union 36, Tussey Mountain 26

Nazareth Area 21, Bethlehem Catholic 6

Neshannock 40, Ambridge 34

Norristown 20, Pottsgrove 13

North Allegheny 29, Erie McDowell 18

North Schuylkill 48, Pine Grove 0

North Star 39, West Branch 20

Northampton 62, East Stroudsburg North 6

Northern Bedford 41, Everett 0

Northern Cambria 33, Purchase Line 6

Northern Garrett, Md. 25, Albert Gallatin 0

Northern Lebanon 20, York County Tech 7

Northern York 28, Dover 26

Northwestern Lehigh 30, Blue Mountain 3

Norwin 27, Fox Chapel 13

Notre Dame-Green Pond 41, Tamaqua 26

Oil City 52, North East 20

Owen J Roberts 21, Avon Grove 0

Oxford 25, Unionville 7

Palisades 47, Palmerton 40

Parkland 21, Bethlehem Freedom 13

Penn Cambria 42, Central Martinsburg 28

Penn Hills 33, Pine-Richland 28

Penn-Trafford 48, Woodland Hills 14

Pennridge 35, Bensalem 0

Penns Manor 26, Homer-Center 6

Penns Valley 41, Huntingdon 14

Pennsbury 41, Council Rock South 6

Peters Township 38, Trinity 14

Philadelphia Northeast 14, Springside Chestnut Hill 12

Pittsburgh Central Catholic 31, Bethel Park 22

Pittston Area 22, Wyoming Valley West 0

Pleasant Valley 7, East Stroudsburg South 6

Pocono Mountain East 24, Allentown Allen 22

Pocono Mountain West 49, Allentown Dieruff 26

Portage Area 42, Marion Center 26

Pottstown 20, Harriton 14

Pottsville 49, Lehighton 21

Reading 42, Red Lion 35

Red Land 16, Mechanicsburg 15

Richland 38, Bishop McCort 0

Ridley 35, Plymouth-Whitemarsh 13

Riverside 27, Shenango 6

Rochester 60, New Brighton 13

Rustin 35, Erie East 12

Rustin 35, West Chester East 12

Schuylkill Valley 31, Susquenita 13

Scranton 0, West Scranton 0

Scranton Prep 63, Lake-Lehman 6

Serra Catholic 35, Washington 34

Shaler 47, Plum 14

Sharon 28, Hickory 14

Sharpsville 41, Reynolds 27

Shikellamy 23, Central Mountain 3

Shippensburg 21, Spring Grove 14

Slippery Rock 24, Greenville 7

Solanco 29, Penn Manor 26

South Fayette 20, Montour 19

South Park 35, Brentwood 7

South Side 38, Burgettstown 14

South Western 16, New Oxford 7

South Williamsport 72, Columbia-Montour 6

Southern Huntingdon 28, Juniata Valley 14

Southern Lehigh 29, Bangor 12

Southmoreland 28, Derry 14

Springfield Montco 21, Hatboro-Horsham 6

St. Joseph's Prep 14, Erasmus Hall, N.Y. 7

St. Marys 30, Kane Area 0

State College 45, Hollidaysburg 3

Steel Valley 62, Seton-LaSalle 7

Steubenville, Ohio 40, USO 14

Strath Haven 25, Conestoga 0

Summit Academy 18, Springdale 14

Susquehannock 14, Bermudian Springs 6

Thomas Jefferson 38, West Mifflin 0

Tri-Valley 35, Line Mountain 28

Troy 35, North Penn-Mansfield 0

Twin Valley 28, Conrad Weiser 16

Tyrone 49, Philipsburg-Osceola 0

Union Area 30, Cornell 21

Uniontown 38, Carrick 12

Upper Darby 35, Penncrest 27

Upper Dublin 32, North Penn 28

Upper Merion 21, William Tennent 14

Upper St. Clair 53, Baldwin 14

Valley View 35, Honesdale 17

Warren 50, Girard 28, OT

Warwick 26, Cedar Crest 20

West Allegheny 49, Ringgold 7

West Lawn Wilson 37, Martin Luther King 0

West Perry 24, Juniata 0

West Shamokin 14, United 12

West Shamokin 14, United Valley 12

Western Wayne 35, Old Forge 7

Westinghouse 59, Perry Traditional Academy 6

Wilkes-Barre Area 34, Wallenpaupack 7

Williams Valley 54, Schuylkill Haven 19

Wilmington 50, Mercer 8

Windber 56, Conemaugh Valley 7

York 54, Carlisle 47

York Suburban 26, York Catholic 0


Appoquinimink, Del. vs. Olney Charter, ppd.


Atlantic City 32, Absegami 7

Barnegat 7, Pinelands Regional 6

Boonton 40, Kinnelon 21

Bordentown 8, Maple Shade 6

Brick Memorial 28, Red Bank Regional 14

Brick Memorial 29, Toms River South 8

Burlington Township 21, Delran 0

Butler 28, Hasbrouck Heights 21

Caldwell 48, Pequannock 0

Camden 46, Sterling 6

Cedar Grove 45, Shabazz 8

Cherokee 20, St. Augustine 14

Cinnaminson 34, New Egypt 7

Clayton 20, Buena Regional 12

Collingswood 43, Gateway 7

Colonia 21, Iselin Kennedy 13

Delaware Valley Regional 38, Voorhees 7

Delsea 35, Winslow 21

Demarest 34, West Milford 14

Deptford 28, Audubon 14

Don Bosco Prep 44, St. Joseph-Montvale 35

Donovan Catholic 21, Rumson-Fair Haven 0

Dunellen 29, Highland Park 14

Egg Harbor 56, Bridgeton 0

Elmwood Park 22, Palisades Park 13

Fort Lee 35, Hopatcong 8

Gloucester City 35, Overbrook 0

Governor Livingston 31, North Plainfield 14

Hackensack 34, Paterson Kennedy 20

Hackettstown 28, North Warren 7

Hammonton 40, Highland 7

Hillsborough 17, Bridgewater-Raritan 6

Hoboken 42, Newark Collegiate 36

Hopewell Valley Central 21, Ewing 13

Immaculata 50, Newark Central 0

Irvington 27, East Orange 21, OT

Jackson Memorial 20, Howell 19

Johnson 42, Bound Brook 0

Jonathan Dayton 20, Roselle Park 14

Keyport 30, Asbury Park 22

Kingsway 24, Washington Township 10

Lawrence 28, West Windsor-Plainsboro 26

Linden 31, Woodbridge 0

Lower Cape May Regional 26, Pennsville Memorial 10

Mainland Regional 49, Oakcrest 0

Manchester 21, Toms River East 13

Manville 21, Middlesex 14

Matawan 42, Jackson Liberty 7

Middletown North 21, Central Regional 14

Middletown South 17, Manalapan 14

Millville 49, Williamstown 28

Monroe 24, East Brunswick 14

Montclair Kimberley 28, Newark Academy 14

Montville 25, Mendham 21

Moorestown 24, Northern Burlington 21

Morris Knolls 37, Parsippany Hills 21

Mountain Lakes 33, Morris Catholic 14

New Providence 21, Roselle 20

Newark East Side 40, Ferris 0

Newton 48, Sussex Tech 14

North Arlington 34, Saddle Brook 16

North Brunswick 13, Edison 10

North Hunterdon 25, Watchung Hills 24

Nottingham 14, Notre Dame 12

Ocean Township 43, Neptune 14

Old Bridge 27, South Brunswick 22

Old Tappan 28, Northern Highlands 0

Palmyra 42, Holy Cross 12

Paramus 21, Pascack Valley 20

Parsippany 28, Whippany Park 6

Passaic Tech 42, Passaic 0

Paul VI 10, Cherry Hill West 8

Perth Amboy 39, J.P. Stevens 14

Phillipsburg 28, Ridge 10

Pitman 21, Cumberland Regional 20

Point Pleasant Beach 32, Keansburg 22

Point Pleasant Boro 39, Manasquan 13

Rahway 45, Lincoln 16

Ramapo 48, Wayne Hills 7

Ramsey 48, Lakeland 27

Rancocas Valley 21, Eastern 7

Randolph 35, Roxbury 14

Raritan 21, Monmouth 13

Red Bank Catholic 25, Wall 3

Ridgewood 20, Clifton 13

Riverside 30, Lindenwold 0

Robbinsville 20, Hightstown 7

Rutherford 35, Lyndhurst 14

Sayreville 22, New Brunswick 7

Schalick 29, Wildwood 12

Secaucus 43, New Milford 14

Seneca 27, Triton 26

Shawnee 14, Lenape 3

South Hunterdon 40, Belvidere 7

South Plainfield 13, Carteret 12

Sparta 35, Vernon 20

St. John Vianney 34, Holmdel 27

St. Joseph-Hammonton 30, Holy Spirit 26

St. Joseph-Metuchen 31, Somerville 15

St. Peter's Prep 23, DePaul Catholic 10

St. Thomas Aquinas 43, Scotch Plains-Fanwood 0

Steinert 20, Allentown 15

Timber Creek 22, Willingboro 8

Toms River North 42, Southern 0

Union City 66, Livingston 7

Vineland 34, Clearview Regional 14

Waldwick 37, Manchester Regional 6

Wallkill Valley 27, High Point 0

Wayne Valley 49, Belleville 6

Weehawken 39, Emerson 0

Weequahic 6, Verona 2

West Essex 31, Passaic Valley 6

West Morris 28, Mount Olive 0

West Orange 34, Bloomfield 7

West Side 28, North Bergen 6

Westwood 49, Dumont 0

Woodstown 18, Paulsboro 0


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